Computer Graphics some say its art

This is my humble attempt at the artistic side of my brain, through various digital media. Towards the latter half of my collegiate experience I delved into computer graphics and rendering at a computational level. However since highschool I have been working with Adobe Photoshop and Flash. I started out working on banners and touch-up work for my friend's company, Black Sheep Web Design, and continued to now, where I mostly do gag photoshop work and some graphics for sites.

Advanced Rendering Course

RenderMan Images

Custom Raytracer Work

Photoshop Work

Web Banners

Tau Kappa Epsilong - Website Banner
Black Sheep Web Design - Website Banner
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Eagle Scouts

Since obtaining my Eagle scout rank, I have periodically helped my scout troop by touch up and create patriotic images for Eagle Scout Court of Honors. The following images are in chronological order.