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I am a Software Engineer from Rochester, NY. Not native to the area, however after getting BS in Computer Science I decided to stick around for the warm winters and Garbage plates. I am currently employed by Mindex Techonologies who have contracted me to Harris RF Communications to work on military and police radios. Proefessionaly I focus on C# application development, mostly tools or back end systems, however I do have a fondness for GUI work, and so I have some experience in that as well in addition to teaching myself some web development. One of my hobbies is to play kickball, I play in various leagues around town, and so I also enjoy moonlighting as a referee for one of the leagues as well. I also frequent the gym, not because I am a gym rat, but due to my love of doing mud-runs, and the perpetual fear that I will be too out of shape to complete one. I have completed a variety of them including the Warrior Dash (pictured to right), Spartan Sprint, Hero Rush and the Tough Mudder. Lastly I'm a huge movie buff and gamer, I'll happily discuss latest of either of these until long after the sun goes down.